Community Supported Agriculture in North Brooklyn

Want to support local agriculture in North Brooklyn?

James & the Giant Beet. Southside CSA July 2010

Grab a slice of tiramisu from the bake sale at the first ever Gay Ole Opry tonight at Public Assembly. The proceeds from the desserts go to Just Food, the group that helps neighborhoods and farmers organize CSAs. Just Food helped El Puente start the first CSA in the neighborhood. Since 2000 the eat local movement has exploded, with our neighborhood now supporting seven CSA’s!

If you love vegetables (or even just want to), joining a neighborhood CSA is a great way to participate in the local sustainability movement and get the freshest food possible. Each CSA is its own special thing, partnering with different farms that grow different types of produce, and have varying degrees of volunteer requirements.  March & April is the time to sign up for this Summer’s farm share; Most CSAs sell out in April so it is important to check them out now…

Local Bounty. Southside CSA Aug 2010

Eggs. Southside CSA. November 2010

Being a member of a CSA is one of the greatest ways to get to know your neighbors and maximize the amazing NY harvest.

Food, fun, and farmers –it doesn’t get more local than that.

Southside CSA. Sept 2010

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