Saturday: Where’s Our Park Day


NAG is pleased to join GWAPP, Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park and other local groups as partners in the Where’s Our Park initiative. The Saturday, the City celebrates It’s Our Park day – in North Brooklyn, we are saying ‘Where’s Our Park??’. Please come out on Saturday and join NAG, GWAPP and FBIP to demand our open space. We will be meeting at the Bushwick Inlet Soccer fields (North 10th Street) at noon on Saturday.

In 2005, Mayor Bloomberg promised North Brooklyn three new parks along the Williamsburg and Greenpoint waterfront as part of the massive rezoning of our neighborhoods. Six years later, we have thousands of new housing units created as a result of the rezoning (with thousands more to come), but we’re still waiting for the promised open space.

The Bloomberg Administration now says it has “no funding for” and “no schedule for” upholding its open space commitment to North Brooklyn.

As the rest of the city celebrates It’s My Park Day, come join your neighbors and protest to demand the city move forward on the parks that we don’t have.

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0 thoughts on “Saturday: Where’s Our Park Day

  • amy

    bloomberg doesn’t care about your park. there is only one park in this city for him, and that is central park. it would be great if we could #occupy his park until some other parks ‘trickle down’ to the rest of us.